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Innovation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

 Innovation is becoming one of the most important themes in healthcare today.  AI in healthcare, uses complex algorithms and software to emulate human cognition in the analysis of complicated medical data.  The primary purpose of AI applications is to analyze relationships between prevention and/or treatment techniques and patient outcomes.  AI is at the tipping point in transforming health care.  Emerging technology and advanced analytics can assist in lengthening lives, improving quality and lowering cost in healthcare.  Applications include from robotics, to machine learning for diagnosis to prediction of outcomes.  The sci-fi image of AI is now becoming a transformative technology of the digital age.


Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Attacks In The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry holds one of the most significant responsibilities of any industry ensuring data privacy, subject to numerous regulations. Artificial intelligence is one of the most important considerations in healthcare today both as on a standalone basis, as an essential innovation method and also as a part of cybersecurity against cyber attacks. The healthcare industry is a prime target for cyber attacks because of the value of healthcare data and how it is processed. The theft of medical records is no longer the only issue today, but now the modification of those records that may be undetected may be even more detrimental to the healthcare industry.

AI Converging with Cyber Security

In regard to cyber attacks, AI is being used to elevate cyber hackers to a more sophisticated level of diverting cyber security defense mechanisms. As well, AI is being used to manage and secure numerous healthcare IOT devices that are connected to clinician and hospital networks.  Offensive AI mutates itself as it learns about its environment and mimics humans to avoid detection. AI is also being used in cyber defense to inoculate LANs, responding in nano – seconds to unusual behavior patterns. Biomedical security tools can be impacted using AI to constantly manage and secure the rising number of healthcare IOT devices as they connect and disconnect from hospital networks.

As Managing Partner of the Law Firm, ST.GEORGE & CARNEGIE and President & CEO of the Solutions & Licensing Company, NAUTILUS GLOBAL SOLUTIONS LLC, Ardelle St.George provides legal and executive management consulting services primarily to Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, General Counsels and other C-Suite executives, advising in corporate strategy, transactions, governance and compliance, intellectual property, technology, innovation, cybersecurity, AI, data privacy, licensing and solutions.  Ms. St.George has formed the Cyturion Alliance, with a team addressing physical/cyber security to risk management, for an innovative and robust approach to Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence.  Ms. St.George is certified and/or indoctrinated from the Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Sciences in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence, is a member of the Secret Service Cyber Task Force as well as the FBI Cyber Tech Infragard.  

For more information about any of these services, the Cyturion Alliance, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and/or other innovative solutions, please contact Ms. St.George at and/or (949) 520-2286.

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