by St.George & Carnegie, March 16, 2020

As I continue my journey to find the latest innovation, from the CEC Conference in Las Vegas to the JP Morgan Health Care Conference in San Francisco, to the Hoag Classic in Newport Beach, Health Care innovation is on  the forefront Personalized HealthCare (PHC) and PHC Innovation.  With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) being the prominent health issue, these concepts are becoming an imperative in the healthcare industry!

There is a tectonic shift occurring in modern healthcare that is being driven by technology. This paradigm shift is occurring, with increased digitization, the intersection of business and technology and the interconnection of patients, clinicians, data and processes, PHC technology and innovation. PHC is an overarching framework for care that unifies predictive technologies with an engaged patient to coordinate care, with the primary aim of promoting health and preventing disease.  PHC can assist in identifying patients for eligibility to appropriate treatment options, transforming the use of smarter diagnostics, recommending targeted  and accessible medications,  leveraging biomarkers and biological molecules, providing informed treatments and testing/improving the drug and medical device development processes, performing surgery, analyzing genetics and genomics and other biological information that helps predict risk for disease, stroke and/or how a patient will respond to treatments from research, diagnosis to treatment and recovery.

I explored various types of PCH Innovation during my travels and have been continuing my trek with discussions with prominent healthcare executives in their respective fields.   AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and Mixed Reality are critical innovation tools for the healthcare industry, providing more information and management capability for patients to make better health care decisions and providing better experiences to patients, reducing waste and cost in the development of medical devices and medicines and the provision of personalized health care services.   Addressing Personalized HealthCare through integrated and interconnected patient care and support has become an imperative for the HealthCare Industry!

As Managing Partner of the Law Firm, ST.GEORGE & CARNEGIE and President & CEO of the Solutions & Licensing Company, NAUTILUS GLOBAL SOLUTIONS LLC, Ardelle St.George provides legal and executive management consulting services primarily to Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, General Counsels and other C-Suite executives, advising in corporate strategy, transactions, governance and compliance, intellectual property, technology, innovation, cybersecurity, AI, AR/VR, data privacy, licensing and solutions.  Ms. St.George is certified and/or indoctrinated from the Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Sciences in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence.
For more information about our legal and licensing services, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and/or other Innovative Solutions, please contact Ms. St.George at and/or (949) 520-2286.

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