NAUTILUS GLOBAL SOLUTIONS LLC, d.b.a. Nautilus Licensing is our licensing company with focused practice on protecting, building and managing your brand as well as the licensing of your intellectual property. We understand and protect your brand — from creation, establishment, extension and leveraging.  We handle brands in areas from entertainment to technology. We have the opportunity to work on exceptional brands such as Wyland®, PBS, Surf City USA®, Volcom, Electric, Puma, Baccarat, Target, TAG, Heuer, Gucci and other nationally and internationally recognized brands. From Brand Management to Licensing, we address areas such as sustainability, art, new media, sports and entertainment, education, architectural design, energy, human factors, technology and more.


GALAXYSEUM Services provides for an online marketplace relating to branding, consulting, development, management and marketing of innovative brands for businesses and individuals.  We offer management of intellectual properties including trademarks, licensing, copyrights, and patents. Our online marketplace services provide a digital catalog of innovation for the home and community from architecture and interior design to the community.  Taking your intellectual property from creation to the marketplace, we are your partner in innovation.

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