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As we continue our journey to find the best technology and innovation as part of THE WAVE CONNECTION® INNOVATION MARKETPLACE, our latest ventures to the Hoag Classic and the Masters Tournament have provided a look into…


As noted in Forbes “Golfers Make Better Business Executives,” new technology has had a significant impact on golf in the last two decades for a more comfortable and competitive golf game. Changes have occurred in most aspects of play – from golf clubs, golf shoes, golf gloves to other accessories and golf equipment. These new features and improvements in equipment can significantly improve your golf game at any level.

Golf Club Technology – It Makes Your Job Easier

gold clubs

Improvements in golf clubs have changed in the last 15 years more than any other element of the game. Golfers can hit the ball longer and straighter due to better aerodynamics, component weight and graphite shafts that have been introduced. The aerodynamic technology can result in less wind resistance and more club head speed.

Inside the golf club, the materials are lighter and stronger than ever before, weighing 50 grams lighter than previous generations of the equipment, that can result in more distance, allowing for longer and straighter drives. As well, driver heads are much larger, measuring up to 460 cubic centimeters that are much more forgiving (for less-than-perfect contact with the ball).

The graphite material used on golf club shafts are now even more consistent than they have been, allowing golfers to hit the ball straighter than they did in previous years. The weight of the shaft can even be adjusted by a new system of weights on a track system.

Hybrid Golf Clubs

Many golfers find it difficult to hit fairway metals or irons. The mechanics of striking the ball consistently from an uneven lie can cause trouble for the large majority of golfers, turning their attention to hybrid clubs.

Hybrid golf clubs allow for more even play from uneven lies. The launch capability can assist a golfer provide more lift to the ball. These clubs are also more forgiving for less-than-perfect swings — that means that even an ordinary swing can have good results. That can make a difference when your golf game matters!!


Golf Balls for All Levels of Play

golf balls

Golf balls are now even multilayered to provide the best results! For example, a one-piece ball is less complex and may fly straighter than any of the other balls, but won’t reach the distance that most golfers want. The greater the number of layers—or pieces—the more distance the golfer will get off the tee or from the fairway. Some of the latest features include hybrid colors for better visibility, patented technology that allows for more explosiveness, expansion of volume for greater energy transfer and trajectory, optimized spin rates and control, unique ball coatings with greater durability, improved spin control, softer impact feeling, improved accuracy and flight stability.

A majority of golfers opt for the two-piece ball for the best game. As you improve your game, you may be more likely to use golf balls with more layers. As noted at the Pebble Beach Academy, a combination of layered golf balls with hybrid clubs can create an increased launch angle.

Balanced Putters for Straighter Putts

The general rule is that a more balanced a putter will create a straighter putt. Modern technology provides golfers with the opportunity to be on target with more balance. As learned from a pro, a golfer who takes his putter straight back wants to use a face-balanced putter, while a golfer with an arcing stroke does better with a “toe-hang putter.” The better that you know your putting stroke, the better the match of your putting equipment. This all results in looking great on the green!!

Golf Shoes for Comfort

golf shoes

Golf shoes have improved from the traditional metal spikes to be much lighter, more attractive, waterproof and more comfortable with better materials, more padding and better shapes. The result is a more effective shoe.


Golf Range Finder

ranger finders

Trying to decide which club is best? A range finder can help a golfer make a more precise decision. Better than a marker and more precise, the range finder is a binocular-like device that uses the latest technology to find out exactly how far you are from the hole. You can decide which club is the right one!

Golf Gloves

golf gloves

Modern technology has allowed today’s golf gloves to retain their elasticity, which gives the golfer a firmer grip on the club and greater longevity than previous versions and avoids blisters, moisture avoidance, as well as avoiding club slippage. There are even new features for cleaning your golf balls with your gloves!

Golf Club Fitting

showing how to fit a person to a golf club with technology

As you determine which clubs and accessories to buy, how do you determine which are the right clubs for your best game?

Technology and innovation have played an important role here as well. Professional club fitters use new technology and innovation to assist in finding the right clubs and other accessories to fit your swing and provide you with a better game!! Through the use of technology such as computer analysis of your swing, measuring club head speed, launch angle, ball flight and grip strength, your professional club fitter can assist you in enhancing your game!


Ready for the Next Major Golf Tournament (Or Your Next Business Deal)

As these new tools and innovation continue to be invented and improve, they can provide you with a better game for your business and your game! We will keep you updated on the latest technology and innovation!!

golf course

See you on the golf course…!!!

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