Innovation – A Journey of Exploration

Innovation – A Journey of Exploration

by St.George & Carnegie, June 3, 2019

As I have journeyed through the frontiers of innovation, traversing from the East to the West Coasts, from Asia to Australia, from Canada to Latin America and throughout Europe and back again, I have come to understand and explore the need for innovation, its value and importance within our culture and society as well as the exciting nature of innovation!

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Today everyone from all generations are a part of an innovation culture.  Businesses thrive on the strength of their innovation.  Innovation is the keystone of all of our daily activities, from the moment we wake up to the end of our day, innovation is an integral part of our lives! From every destination that I have travelled, I have found that innovation is infused into our world.

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I have been immersed into innovation and intellectual property through my in-house and private practice in the legal field, most recently in my law firm, ST.GEORGE & CARNEGIE.  As a business person, I have come to understand that sometimes handling legal protection is just not enough. Therefore, when our clients asked us to handle more, we established our licensing company, NAUTILUS GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, LLC, d.b.a. Nautilus Licensing.

ThroughNautilus Licensing, we handle all aspects and forms of licensing the innovation, from finding strategic partners to leverage the innovation, addressing licensing channels, collecting royalties and tracking, managing and monitoring all of this for our clients, all through our branded THE WAVE CONNECTION® services.

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THE WAVE CONNECTION® services now extend to another concept that we developed at the request of our clients—bringing the innovation into the marketplace through a virtual forum where we connect buyers and sellers of innovation and showcase trending innovation in the WAVE CONNECTION® Innovation Marketplace.  For the innovation that is not fully developed to go to market, we enroll this form of innovation and invention in our Concept Tier Innovation Corner® –where we further develop the ideas, concepts and other forms of intellectual property and, with our partners and build them into products and services that can be introduced into the WAVE CONNECTION® Innovation Marketplace.

TheWAVE CONNECTION®Innovation Marketplacefeatures prominent and trending innovation.  We have allied with the United Nations to categorize and feature products under the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From the building industry to all that goes into your homes, offices, your communities, the oceans and even your health — relating to all walks of life, the WAVE CONNECTION®Innovation Marketplacefeatures trending innovation that matters to you!

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Look for our upcoming blogs and our website at THE WAVE CONNECTION®at www.stgeorgecarnegie.comto preview our WAVE CONNECTION™Innovation Marketplace.

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