Our Law Firm addresses the protection and enforcement of your intellectual property rights.  Through our licensing arm, NAUTILUS LICENSING, we build licensing strategies for your intellectual property assets and provide a competitive advantage for our clients through strategic alliances, partnerships, licenses, technology transfers and other opportunities on a global basis.  We deliver innovative methods for an effective communication network through THE WAVE CONNECTION® Services.

Our WAVE CONNECTION® Innovation Marketplace, developed as a result of our clients’ requests for a marketplace for innovative concepts, provides a nexus point for buyers and sellers of products of the future!   Other Wave Connection® Services include seminars, workshops and webinars on important and trending topics.  Our Wave Connection® Reporting System highlights the latest status and information for your important branding, contracts and licensing deadlines.    THE WAVE CONNECTION® Newsletter features the latest innovators and introduces creative ideas, methods and products. THE WAVE CONNECTION® Services link our legal and licensing services to provide you with a comprehensive solution and value for your company and intellectual property.

The Concepteer Innovation® Corner is a special creative program that provides a forum where innovation can be inspired, created, shared, developed, licensed and otherwise acquired.  We are the connection point between our partners developing and acquiring innovation in the marketplace.

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